3 June 2013

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18 June 2013

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About Dentcare Clinic

Clinic :

After returning from a 15 year speciality practice in the city of Dubai, UAE, Dr. started theDentcare Clinic in 2006, with the objective of providing international standards of advanced dental treatment, using the most stringent sterilization protocols, in an ambience of pleasant and calm decor.

Dental Specialists :

Dr. is a specialist Orthodontist and Implantologist, with more than 20 years of experience behind him. He was General Dentist and Specialist Orthodontist in Moopens Group, Dubai for more than 10 years. Did all his graduate and post graduate studies in the prestigious Government Dental College, Trivandrum, Kerala. Secured 1st rank all Kerala and 7th rank all India in the PG entrance examination.

Dr.. is a specialist Prosthodontist and Implantologist having more than 15 years of experience. Practised in Charly polyclinic Dubai for more than 5 years before help start the International Dental Clinic in Cochin. Did her dentistry studies at the prestigious Kasturba Dental College Manipal. Successfully completed the 300 hours Maxicourse in Dental Implants conducted by the American Academy of Implant dentistry. Attended the 1 week Advanced Dental Implant Surgery course in Chennai.

Dental Clinic Sterilization Protocols :

High pressure steam Autoclaves, Glass bead sterilizers, Ultrasonic cleaners for all instruments. Sealed sterile pouches to store all instruments. Gloves, Masks, Suctions tubes, Bibs, Needles, Cups etc, disposed after each patient. Potent sterile swabs for the dental units and all equipments, between each treatment procedure. Additional medical operation theatre protocols followed for Dental Implant Surgeries.

Dental Equipments and Dental Materials :

Kavo Dental units (Germany), Satelec X Dental ray unit and Satelec Autoclave (France), Carestream RVG (USA), Dentamerica Intra Oral Camera (USA), Zoom Teeth whitening System (USA), Biohorizons Dental Implant Systems (USA), Nouvag Dental Implant Physiodispenser (Switzerland), Most Dental Materials from Japan, Germany and UK. The best equipments and materials accessed from around the globe help maintain treatment standards at par with the best available internationally.

Dental Tourism :

Health tourism is now a rapidly growing industry in India and a regular feature in the health plans of people who seek cost-effective, advanced medical treatment outside their own countries. Kerala is particularly well suited to host medical and dental tourists, since it is recognized for its healthcare standards by world bodies and is currently going through a boom in private medical and dental services. International Dental Clinic Cochin provides all advanced dental treatment services including Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontic Braces, Teeth Whitening and so on, carried out by Specialists with more than two decades of clinical and teaching experience in multinational centres. This, it does so, at a fraction of the cost for similar treatments in the Middle East or Western countries.